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The Arrival of You (Mile High #2)

Release Date: October 16, 2019



How long does it take to fall in love?

Bianca Evers learned the hard way—after thirteen years with her ex-husband—that not even half a lifetime of love is enough to save her from heartbreak. So the idea of falling for someone in less than fifteen hours? Impossible.

Lucas Hawke is under no illusion that the beautiful American he fell for on their flight to Australia feels the same. She might want him—but just like the women in his past, she’s only thinking of right now.

But sometimes fate intervenes.
And sometimes someone arrives in your life who is meant to stay.



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My back landed on the bed, my legs still locked around Lucas’ waist. It meant that he landed on top of me, and rather than feeling the weight of him, I felt only the press of his cock from behind the sweatpants he’d pulled on after our earlier shower.

“Lose the pants,” I panted, pulling back from the kiss that had seen us from the kitchen table back to the bedroom.

“In a second,” he muttered in reply, kissing me again, the faint taste of me still lingering on his lips. “First, gotta finish what I started.”

He gripped my calves, using his hold to unhook my legs from around him, and slid down the bed until his face was at my center once again. “You’re beautiful, you know that?” He looked up at me, sincerity in his eyes, and I couldn’t have stopped from smiling at him if I’d wanted to.

“Thank you,” I whispered, wanting him to know that I heard his words, I felt them, I appreciated them. But I also wanted him to know I was done with waiting. “Make me come, Luc. Please.”

“Begging, baby? You don’t need to do that.” He turned his attention back to my pussy, his hand coming up to press against my one thigh, widening my legs for him. “Such a pretty pussy. I knew it would be. Didn’t I say it would be?”

I moaned, thinking about the dirty words he’d whispered in that bathroom, how he’d promised me he’d look his fill before he put his mouth on me. Laid out like I was, I could feel the burn of his eyes on my most intimate place and it felt so good. So good. I’d never really been one to like being watched during sex. With Mason, as good as it had been, especially early in our relationship, it had lacked the intensity I felt just from Lucas’ gaze on me.

Don’t think about him now, I angrily instructed my wayward mind, hating that my ex had suddenly, somehow intruded on this moment. “Lucas.” I said his name to remind myself where I was, where I wanted to be—in this bed with a man I might not know well but felt connected to by a hundred tiny and inexplicable threads.

This is crazy came the reply from the sensible part of my brain. It was the part that had been controlling my thoughts and actions for a long-damn-time, and the part that I wanted to use this trip to Australia to cast back.

I didn’t want to always be sensible. To be the girl that used logic to hide away from truths that were too difficult to confront.

I wanted to be this girl who was spread out on the plain black comforter of Lucas Hawke’s bed, telling him to “lose the pants.”

“Come back to me, pretty girl.” His voice intruded on my runaway thoughts—thank god—and the minute my eyes locked back on him, his tongue swept across my swollen clit. His hands were splayed on my thighs, his thumbs spreading me open, and as he licked at me, I rolled my hips wanting more.

Needing more.

He turned his head quickly, and before I even had the chance to moan my disapproval, I felt the bite of his teeth on my thigh. My little “Oh” got louder when he whipped his head to the opposite side and did the same, except harder, longer.

I laughed, remembering his words on the plane. “I’m obsessed with the idea of sinking my teeth into you.

“Laughing at me?” he asked, looking up at me, his breath brushing across my exposed clit, and making me shiver. “That might get you punished.”

I shook my head, and pouted, hoping I looked as sexy as I felt with his big body between my legs. “Not laughing at you.” I waited a beat, pondering his threat, then asked, “What’s my punishment?”

Instead of answering me with words, he answered me with his actions, using his tongue on me to bring me to edge time and time again. His fingers, when he brought his hand up to thrust two inside me, pressed repeatedly and deliciously on that spot which made my legs shake involuntarily. He moved my body, spreading my legs, throwing them over his shoulders, and, finally, gripping my waist after withdrawing his hand and mouth from between my legs, to flip me over until I was on all fours in front of him.

“This arse. Fuck.” His hand came down in a swift slap that jolted me forward and made me cry out. “Too hard?” His voice softened with the question, caring infused in his tone that told me he wasn’t as out of control as he seemed.

“No, I just wasn’t expecting it,” I assured him, turning my head so I could look at him over my shoulder and give him a smile that promised I wanted everything he was giving me.

He stopped, holding stock still on his knees on the bed behind me. His hand came up to my ass cheek and stroked it gently, the soft touch a stark, arousing contrast to the smack he’d just given me. Then, he moved around my body, falling down to lay stretched out beside me, and whispered, “I wasn’t expecting you.”


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About the Author

B. Cranford is a proud Australian living in the USA, a lover of books, breadsticks and bed, and the mother of two children who are far too similar to their father for her liking. A lifelong reader, she dove into the romance genre on the recommendation of her best friend and hasn’t looked back since. After three years as a blogger, she decided it was high time she finally finished one of the 12,002 books she’d started writing, and the end result was her debut novel, The Brightest Star.

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