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RAINSTORM by Susana Mohel is here! This new second chance contemporary romance is available everywhere – grab your copy today!


People say when you’re dying your entire life passes before your eyes.
But it is not my time.
I’m not about to take my final breath.
Although it feels like the end of my life.
The blue folder sits, stamped with bold black letters.
Laughing at me. Mocking my marriage. Targeting my dream.
All is going away, imploding. The future I’ve envisioned becoming just debris.
The man I love requesting a divorce.
Making me collapse.
Drowning in an ocean of pain and confusion, I refuse to let this end my life.
This is hard, but I’m stronger.
The rainstorm is hitting me full force, but I’ll stand.
After all, I’m the woman who owns the sunshine.

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My Review…

Wow, just wow….if you are looking for a angsty, emotional and heartfelt story, look no further that Rainstorm by Susana Mohel. This story is truly a Rainstorm of epic proportions!

Rainstorm is not a hearts and flowers romance.  This book doesn’t start happy.  This story grabbed me from the get go and didn’t let go even after I finished.  It took me almost a whole day later to come up with the words to review this properly without writing a book of my own! This book is going to give you ALL the feels!

Ms. Mohel is gonna take your heart and put it in the proverbial blender, set on frappe!  Then she is put your heart back together, stronger and more hopeful and full of feels! I felt anger and loss, I felt heartbreak and I actually cried.  I felt hope, lightness and the swoons!! Oh the swoons!

I loved how Ms. Mohel used a metaphoric rainstorm to describe the chemistry and relationship between Chase and Roselynn .  Both beautiful and destructive.  Both life-giving and life-taking.

The mystery and intrigue, the hope and the sorrow you are going to get everything in this story!! In fact this is defiantly in the running for my “Best Reads of 2019!”

If you haven’t read anything from this author before, do yourself a favor…GET THIS BOOK! You will not be sorry!

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