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Scandal should be synonymous with Washington DC. I would know; I’m an intern on Capitol Hill.

But I fall for a man even more dangerous than a politician. I fall for Luke, an underground-boxer-turned-entrepreneur.

With cool green eyes, tightly coiled muscles, and split knuckles, Luke stands out against the backdrop of crisp suits and polished shoes.

He’s jaded, closed-off, and impossible to read.

He’s also gorgeous, determined, and loyal to a fault.

But Luke has a secret, one with compromised allegiances and a dangerous outcome.

In fact, he’s the greatest scandal of all.

The College Pact Series (originally published under The Senior Semester Series) has been re-edited and revamped with new content and a fresh look. All books in this series can be read as standalones.

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My Review…

College Pact Series

I have really enjoyed this series by Ms. Azzi, I never read the original versions so I came into this series with a fresh set of eyes and an open mind.

This is the final story in the series, it’s Emma’s story.  Her quest for her dream in Washington DC.  She has a wide eyed optimism that you don’t see much in the world of politics. I also empathized with her vulnerabilities. But what really wowed me was her strength of character and the evolution of her self-esteem and her confidence.

Luke is a true alpha hero, he takes care of those he loves and he will do anything to protect them.  I also wanted to hug him.  His sense of not being good enough just proved how lovable he really was!

The chemistry between Luke and Emma was wicked fast and unbelievably hot! I loved how Luke made Emma feel beautiful regardless of what she thought of herself.

You get a bit of angst, a dash of suspense and some heartbreaking moments in this story! It gave me all the feels!

This was a wonderful end to the series and it was lovely to see all the past characters make an appearance.

Way to go Ms. Azzi!! I cannot wait to see what you come up with next!!



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