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They say time heals all wounds. They lie.

Especially my brother’s best friend, Zack.

Because my brother is dead and that’s a wound that will never heal.

I’m dealing the best I can, numbing my pain with alcohol and sex of the random variety.

Until Zack literally runs into me on Boathouse Row in Philadelphia and takes matters into his own hands. He intervenes in my life and offers a new coping strategy: himself.

His unexpected friendship, brimming with concern and thoughtfulness, affects me.

Soon, an attraction I can’t deny erupts into a desire I’m desperate to act on.

But I can’t fall for my brother’s best friend.

Not now.

And definitely not after I learn the truth about Adrian’s death.


The College Pact Series (originally published under The Senior Semester Series) has been re-edited and revamped with new content and a fresh look. All books in this series can be read as standalones.

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My Review…

The College Pact Series….

Now I will be the first to admit that young adult/new adult romances are not my usual go to when deciding on what to read.  I am a vintage over 40 gal myself and I find it hard to relate to the charachters.

But Ms. Azzi never fails to amaze me with her writing.  I was completely immersed in this story. This story of Maura and Zack.

Ms. Azzi creates a world and characters that are so relatable, no matter what thier age is in the story.  Yes they are young characters, but they are dealing with issues that effect all ages.  The maturity of her characters is believable, they are young and sometimes make foolish choices and say reckless things, but how they come to grips with the real life issues that they face are done with a maturity that is amazingly honest.

I fell in love hard with both Maura and Zack.  Because of their mutual grief, they understand each other better.  They become friends in the truest sense. How Maura was dealing with her grief was heartbreaking at first but it was real and honest.  How Zack came to grips with his grief and his guilt was just perfect and he never gave up!!

Get your hands on this series, you will not be disappointed! Well done Ms. Azzi!!

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