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Devils Disciples Book 6



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The only man in my life I felt I could trust was my father.

A detective assigned to San Diego’s gang crime unit; his focus was outlaw motorcycle clubs.

His nemesis?

A gang of thieves who had wreaked havoc on the city’s financial institutions for nearly two decades.

As fate would have it, I was preparing for a one-night stand with a tough-looking biker. As long as my father didn’t find out, everything would be fine.

If he learned of my fling with the tattooed bad boy, I could certainly talk my way out of it. The odds of Taddeo ‘Tito” Silva being in my father’s crosshairs was impossible.

Or, so I thought.

TITO is book 6 of a 6-book series and can be read as a Stand-alone. It has no cheating, no sex outside the relationship, and has an HEA.


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My Review….

Gaahhhh!!! This final book in the Devils Disciples series is epic!

Mr. Hildreth never fails to amaze me with his writing.  He writes with such realism.  You know these are fictional characters, but he makes them so real!

This is Tito & Reggie’s story, but it is so much more.  You get extraordinary secondary characters. You get humor, some real laugh out loud moments. You get heart and of course you get the heat and smexiness you come to expect from Mr. Hildreth without fail.

You get the brotherhood that are truly a family of best kind, a family by choice.

Tito has got the brains to do some incredible things.  He has also experienced a personal loss that has affected him for years.  He is looking for some closure, he is looking for peace and he is trying to find his future free of constantly looking over his shoulder.

Reggie is a kick-a$$ heroine.  She is fierce, she is independent and she makes no apologies for who she is.  She wasn’t looking for Tito or what he represented, but when they meet, it’s amazing!

This was a fantastic conclusion to the Devils Disciples series! You will get a warm feeling in your soul when you see how things play out.

You can never go wrong with a Scott Hildreth story! I am always amazed at the stories that he puts out in the world!

I cannot wait to see what he comes out with next!

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