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** New Release **

Guarding Gabriel by J.A Wynters

Genre: Romantic Suspense


Guarding Gabriel




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What if you are in love with a figment of your imagination?

What if he is the perfect man?

Jane Miller was unlucky in love and unlucky in life.

Abandoned by her parents and a string of boyfriends and lovers, Jane couldn’t seem to find love or a home.

Broke, hungry and alone, she found help in the form of

a kind neighbour and a new boss who was hard to ignore.

Jane reinvents herself, forging a career as a successful novelist, creating the perfect man… Gabriel.

A man that would never leave her, hurt her or betray her.

He became real, not just the perfect book boyfriend. Gabriel offered her the security and intimacy she’d never had but always craved. All he had to do was flash that killer smile and she melted in all the right places… and some wrong ones.

But when a new man storms into her life,

With endless promises, he challenges all her beliefs.

As she finds a permanent home in his heart and his bed, it leaves one question…

What to do about Gabriel?


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My Review…

Wow! This book is like a romance reader’s fantasy come true and a nightmare in disguise.  Too much of a good thing and all that!

This is the story of Jane and Gabriel.  And it’s about so much more… Jane is a bit of a mystery, she has had some terrible things happen to her and it has truly made her into the person she is.

Jane has a vivid imagination and that takes her to places and introduces her to people that makes memories. I went into this story knowing it was going to be a fantasy. A book boyfriend, a figment of a writers imagination coming to life.  That is what grabbed me to want to read this.

I can’t and won’t give away too much of this story, I won’t ruin it for future readers.  But this is a story that is gonna grab you! The twists and turns are going to throw you through a loop and the ending!! Oh my me that ending was brilliant!

Do yourself a favor and get introduced to this phenomenal author!  Read this story and get submerged into the world she creates!


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