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My Review!!!


The Chick Flick Club Series – Book 3

I love this group of gals and the boys they fall for!

Oh boy!! How I waited for Eve’s story! I knew it was going to be comedy and romantic gold and Ms. Monroe did not fail in the least!

Eve comes off as the romantic at heart, the love is all there is persona. But reading her story we find out why she is that way.  And you can’t blame her!  Her crap record at dating is just adding more fuel to the fire that is burning in her to find Mr. Right!

Enter Noah, playboy extraordinaire, he feels he is a “realist” when it comes to love and romance.  But when he meets Eve, well a man can change can’t he?

As with all of Ms. Monroe’s books, the dialogue is wicked fast and so, so funny!  The inner dialogue of Eve is epic and I felt a kinship to that character.

The chemistry between Noah and Eve is a house on fire and I like how they came together to get out of the predicament they found themselves in!

I also enjoyed seeing Gemma and Zoey and the rest of the crew, it was fun to see glimpses on how they are doing.

And I am so excited to see a new series spin off from this!! I am so looking forward to Poppy’s story in the future!

Well done Ms. Monroe!!


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