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A Single Kiss, an all new heart-wrenching, edge-of-your-seat gripping, romantic suspense by W Winters is LIVE!!!



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If you haven’t started reading yet, get book 1, A Single Glance and start this epic series today!!!


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My Review…

Irresistible Attraction Book 2

Ooooo the continuing story of Jase and Bethany….

Picking up right where A Single Glance left off.  You get more intrigue, more mystery and action.  You also get the holy hot steaminess of the chemistry between Jase and Bethany. It’s flaming hot!! (See what I did there?!? No? Well read the story and you will know what I am talking about!!)

Bethany is still struggling with her feelings towards Jase. It makes me want to shake her and say “WHY” are you doing this? She is dealing with the loss of her sister.  She is fighting hard not to love Jase.

Jase is just wow… He too is struggling with his feelings towards Bethany.  I too want to shake him! He is keeping some pretty big secrets from Bethany and that drove me bonkers!

This story is going to make you want to guess what’s next.  This story is gonna grab you just as hard as the first story and I absolutely loved it!

What is going to happen in the conclusion?  Please let there be a happy as can be ending!

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