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In Light of Shadows Book 2

Oh man! This story is just getting better and better!

This is the continuing story of Clive and Eva and you get more of the goodness!

Eva is standing her ground, not letting anyone or anything shake her or her love for Clive.  I love how she is standing up to Clive too! She is in no way letting him run roughshod over her independence, but also knowing when to lean on Clive when needed.

Clive is still an amazing hero, I love how he listens to Eva and adjusts to her needs.  But standing firm on some issues.

And the intrigue in this story! At this point almost every secondary character in this book has a motive or opportunity to be “the informant”! And it’s driving me bonkers (in a good way) trying to figure out who the hell is this person!?!

You have to read the first book in this series to follow along with this story, and now I am going to dive into the final story of the series Killing Eva….gahhhh that title alone is giving me fits!!

This is a fantastic series so far and can’t wait to read how it ends!

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One thought on “Book Review!! Loving Eva by Camellia Hart

  1. Camellia Hart says:

    THANK YOU for yet another awesome review. Love that you gave my debut series a chance…can hardly wait to hear what you think about Killing Eva 🙂

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