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“Twenty eight…our code word…”

I fell in love with Buzz when we were introduced to him in The Honey Trap. Now I am gonna tell you, you absolutely do not need to read The Honey Trap. This story can totally be read as a stand alone but you get so much more Buzzy goodness if you read both.

So onto my love letter to Buzz (and by association, Karli Perrin, because he was born from her talented mind).

Buzz is the story Lori and Buzz.  Buzz has always been the consummate player, with his Throwback Thursdays and Follow Fridays (you think you know what they mean, but Buzz has a whole new spin on them!). He and Lori meet and fall into a fun, respectable relationship until the truth of what Lori does for a living comes to light.  Buzz has a hard time dealing and decides it’s better to walk away….grrrr.

Flash forward six months later and Buzz has done some growing, some maturing but keeps his hilarious sense of humor (which I absolutely FLOVE) and wants to try again with Lori, but is he too late?

This story is gonna make you laugh, it’s gonna make you cry, scream in frustration and it made me gasp with the bit of a twist that was thrown in! It’s everything I enjoy in a story! The quick, snappy dialogue and the white hot chemistry between Lori and Buzz is amazing!

You will get surprises and the ending is so “Buzz-worthy”! You are gonna fall in love with Ms. Perrin’s writing! I cannot wait to see what she comes out with next!!

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