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So I am woefully behind with my TBR list….and I mean woefully!  I have been a huge fan of L.B. Dunbar since I read After Care. So when I finally had some free time in my reading schedule, I wanted to go back to the queen of over 40 romance L.B. Dunbar and her book The Sex Education of M.E.

Book Cover ME




The O.G. of Ms. Dunbar’s over 40 romance.

This is the story of M.E. and Emme.  I absolutely loved the play on the character names!

Yes the characters are older, or vintage as I like to say, but Emme and Merek develop a love that is timeless.

I embraced the fact that they wanted break out of the “parent” title and embrace themselves as individuals. I could understand how Merek wanted to keep his home life separate from his player lifestyle.

Oh my me! Merek is beyond swoony! He is a silver tongued devil with a slight Irish brogue. He is everything I love in a hero.

I could so empathize with Emme.  I could feel her insecurities. I could understand her needs and wants.  I cringed at how she thought so little of herself and what she brought to the world.  It was sad to read about how her marriage was debilitating her slowly and then the ultimate betrayal to her shaped her into the woman she was.  But then I loved how she was finding herself again and how Merek helped her do that!

If you are looking for a smexy, real old love story, get your hands on this! I absolutely loved it!  Thank you for writing this fabulous story and creating this beautiful world!  I hope we see more of Emme and Merek in the future!


ME Teaser



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