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My Review!!!!

Oh my goodness!! Where has this author been my whole life?!?

This is the first book by this author, but it will not be my last!!

This is the story of Declan and Avery, and holy hell what a fantastic story this is!!

What starts as a girls weekend becomes so much more!

Avery is my new hero! A curvy girl with a sharp tongue, hard fist and yet has the self doubt and insecurities that girls with curves sometimes have. I absolutely loved she was a girl with curves, a full figured gal.  Her inner voice was like an echo to me.  I could totally relate.

Declan!! Oh my sweet heaven, that man is the bomb! He is everything you could ask for in a book boyfriend.  He is rough, he is swoony and oh so smexy! The steaminess of this man is off the charts!

Avery and Declan’s chemistry is hotter than hot!  Their moments together are epic!

This is a love story that is gritty and raw and oh so beautiful in it’s complexity!

You can feel the walls that both main characters have constructed around themselves and can understand why.

I also fell in love with the secondary characters and hope that they get their own stories!

I can’t tell you how much I loved this story and could not put it down!

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