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Rock Bottom Girl

By Lucy Score

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“You may be faking the relationship, but you’re not faking the orgasms.”

Downsized, broke, and dumped, 38-year-old Marley sneaks home to her childhood bedroom in the town she couldn’t wait to escape twenty years ago. Not much has changed in Culpepper. The cool kids are still cool. Now they just own car dealerships and live in McMansions next door. Oh, and the whole town is still talking about that Homecoming she ruined her senior year.

Desperate for a new start, Marley accepts a temporary teaching position. Can the girl banned from all future Culpepper High Homecomings keep the losing-est girls soccer team in school history from killing each other and prevent carpal tunnel in a bunch of phone-clutching gym class students?

Maybe with the help of Jake Weston, high school bad boy turned sexy good guy. When the school rumor mill sends Marley to the principal’s office to sign an ethics contract, the tattooed track coach, dog dad, and teacher of the year becomes her new fake boyfriend and alibi—for a price. The Deal: He’ll teach her how to coach if she teaches him how to be in a relationship.

Who knew a fake boyfriend could deliver such real orgasms? But it’s all temporary. The guy. The job. The team. There’s too much history. Rock bottom can’t turn into a foundation for happily ever after. Can it?

Warning: Story also includes a meet-puke, a bouffanted nemesis, a yard swan and donkey basketball, a teenage-orchestrated makeover, and a fake relationship that gets a little too real between the sheets.

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About the Author

Lucy Score is a Wall Street Journal and #1 Amazon bestselling author. She grew up in a literary family who insisted that the dinner table was for reading and earned a degree in journalism. She writes full-time from the Pennsylvania home she and Mr. Lucy share with their obnoxious cat, Cleo. When not spending hours crafting heartbreaker heroes and kick-ass heroines, Lucy can be found on the couch, in the kitchen, or at the gym. She hopes to someday write from a sailboat, or oceanfront condo, or tropical island with reliable Wi-Fi.

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My Review…

This book!! Oh my me!! I am beating myself up for never scoring a Lucy Score book till now!

Rock Bottom Girl is everything I love in a romance!  You get smoking hot smexiness, you get a fabulous heroine and hero and above all you get laughs, genuine laugh out loud moments!  In fact I laughed out loud so much that my husband (who in no way reads) wanted me to read some parts of this story out loud and he got a good chuckle too!  That in itself is a stellar review!

This story of Marley and Jake is just uggghhh I can’t even come up with the right adjectives of how good this story is without it sounding trite and cliche!

Marley is my spirit animal! I empathize with her so much! Her high school experience is was brutal and honest.  Her life after high school and this whole story proves that life does get better after high school.  I loved reading her realization of her self worth and what she gave to her little part of the world.  Her best friend Vicky is amazing and we all need a friend like her.

Jake, oh I so enjoyed this man! I admired Ms. Score’s portrayal of him.  He didn’t fight his feelings, he didn’t downplay what he was feeling for Marley.  He embraced it and was willing to fight for what he wanted. His family was amazing, from his fabulous uncles to his mom and cousin, his family is the true meaning of the word “family”.

Ms. Score you have found another stalker…I mean fan in me! This book is definitely in the running for my “Best Reads of 2019”.  I am going to be adding all the other books in your library to my TBR list!

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