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My Review!!!


47682497_2178007719089165_1183095797344894976_oJust when I think the Scott can’t get better at his stories. He knocks it out of the park with this suspense! PSYCHOlogicial is just that, a bit of psycho and a bit of logical!!

This is so different then his previous stories. This isn’t romance or sex. This is suspense and a mind twist in the best way!

This story of Briggs and Valerie is so much more. This is a story of their relationship, but it’s also about trust and who people really are at the core.

This is such a page turner! Just when you think you know what’s going on, Scott will take a literary 2 x 4 upside your head and make you just say holy s**t!!!

You will not be able to put this story down! I have yet to read something from Scott that I haven’t absolutely loved!

You have done it again! Well done sir, I tip my hat to you!

You can find his book here:  Scott Hildreth Amazon Page


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