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Misfits Anthology Cover



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The Misfits Anthology: 
20 Complicated love stories from complicated authors

Charity: ASAN – Autistic Self Advocacy Network. 
You can find more information about them here:

Photography by: Eric David Battershell
Model: Josh McCann
Cover Design: Letitia Hasser
Release Date: November 7, 2018


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This book will be over 800 pages of stories with complex characters or relationships that might not fit the mold of what should be. Their love stories are complicated and ready for you to fall in love with the twenty stories from:

Kimberly Knight
Elizabeth York
Heather Anne
F. Bradshaw
Casey Hagen 
A.E. Folk
Stacy McWilliams
Jaime Russell
Sidonia Rose Author
Amber Nation 
CL Matthews 
Daisy Nathaniels
N. Nieto
Emmy Gatrell 
Cloud S. Riser 
Gillian Zane 
Sarah Ellison 
Nikole Marshall
Sara Schoen








Author Banner Hearts On Fire


N. Nieto author pic

Author N. Nieto lives in a small town in north Alabama with her husband and 3 kids. She has always had a love for reading since she was a teen. Her love for writing, however, didn’t come until many years later. It all started with a dream that she wrote down and later published as her first novel in 2015. Since then she has published 7 other books and is always working on a new story, sometimes multiple stories at once. She always says as long as one person likes her stories she will continue to write.  You can find her on social media and email her. She loves hearing what readers have to say, so don’t be shy, message her and say hi. 


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