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Authors; N. Nieto and J.T. Lozano
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“How did you know about today? Who sent you to find me?” I give her no time to answer, instead I fling my arm forward calling on my inner power causing her tiny frame to be pushed up against the wall. I walk in her house like I own it and flick my other wrist at the door making it close with a loud bang. “Answer me!” I demand of her as I squeeze my fingers together making her gasp for air. “Well if you let me loose I will tell you.” She croaks out with barely any breath left in her. “Fine.” I say as I ease my hold on her letting her feet slowly touch the floor again as the missing air rushes into her lungs. “Now speak. Who are you and how did you know about me?” After she has catches her breath she looks up at me and smiles. “It’s nice to finally meet you Aurora Marino, daughter of Marissa Marino and Gionni Russo. That makes you the most powerful witch to ever walk this earth.”




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Author N. Nieto lives in a small town in north Alabama with her husband and 3 kids. She has always had a love for reading since she was a teen. Her love for writing, however, didn’t come until many years later. It all started with a dream that she wrote down and later published as her first novel in 2015. Since then she has published 7 other books and is always working on a new story, sometimes multiple stories at once. She always says as long as one person likes her stories she will continue to write.  You can find her on social media and email her. She loves hearing what readers have to say, so don’t be shy, message her and say hi. 


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