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Disgrace, an all-new romantic and emotional standalone from Brittainy C. Cherry is LIVE!



Each day I prayed for my husband to love me again.

After fifteen years together, he walked away from me, and into the arms of another.

I didn’t know how to cope. I didn’t know my worth. I didn’t know how to exist without him by my side.

All I wanted was for him to come back to me.

Then, Jackson Emery appeared.

He was supposed to be a distraction for my mind. A summer fling. A confidence boost to my bruised heart.

We were perfect for one another, because we both knew we wouldn’t last. Jackson didn’t believe in commitment, and I no longer believed in love. He was too closed-off for me, and I was too damaged for him.

Everything was fine, until one night my heart skipped a beat.

I didn’t expect him to make me laugh. To make me think. To make my sadness somewhat disappear.

When our time was up, my heart didn’t know how to walk away.

Each day I prayed for my husband to love me again, yet slowly my prayers began to shift toward the man who wasn’t right for me.

I prayed for one more smile, one more kiss, one more laugh, one more touch…

I prayed for him to be mine.

Even though I knew his heart wasn’t destined to love.


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Hi! I’m Brittainy! Join me as we travel through my mind as a Romance Author. This includes such things as my random thoughts, tricks, tips, things I’m learning, things I’m re-learning, things I’m forgetting, and my weird ways of crafting stories.

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My Review…

Always and always….

Brittainy has a magic about her.  She can take ordinary words and weave them in to a story so full of heartbreak and sadness. So full of hope and redemption.  Her talent amazes me.  Every time I open one of her books, I tell myself “There is no way she can top her last masterpiece”.  But she does, every story better than the last.  She has a God given talent for stories and she honors her readers by sharing them with us.

Disgrace is the story of Jackson and Gracelyn, it’s also a story about so much more than just the two of them.  It is truly a story of fate.  They had connections that the two of them had no idea of.  It was kismet, ture kismet.

There are so many beautiful sayings in this book, so many precious passages.  You have to savor this story.  It’s going to make you cry, repeatedly…but it’s also going to make you smile, it will make swoon…Jackson is true romantic, buried deep in his soul. This story is going to give you all the feels.  And that is a true testament to the great writing style of Ms. Cherry!

Gracelyn is just as her name is. She is grace, she is beauty and even when she feels like she cannot breathe fully, she finds solace with Jackson and she finally learns who she is.

If you haven’t read a book by Ms. Cherry, you are doing yourself a grave disservice.  This is a must read of epic proportions. This story will be in the running of my favorite reads of 2018. If I could give this more than “five” stars, I so would!

Thank you Brittainy, thank you for sharing your worlds, your stories and your words with us!

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