Review – Lover Come Back by Scott Hildreth

Mr. Hildreth’s books are like Lay’s Potato Chips…you can’t read just one! And so I have been devouring his books.

Ah Scott! You did it again! Just when I thought I couldn’t admire you more you come out with Lover Come Back and BONUS it’s a memoir!

This is Scott’s journey, this is his life and it’s the love he has for Jessica and his family.  It was a book that gives you all the feels.  I laughed, I cried and it really made me rethink some things I thought I believed in.

Scott’s fiction is fantastic.  And now reading this, it makes me appreciate his books all the more.  I admire his vigilance for his work and not bowing down to the pressures of literary professionals that told him to change.

I could understand his hesitancy to start a relationship with Jessica at first but when he backed away I wanted to smack him upside the head and say “WTF Dude!” I am glad that obviously he pulled his head out of his ass (Like is dad told him to!) and did the right thing.  I got a kick out of the “30 day rule” and it brought back memories of his book.  Now that I have finished this, I am planning on one day going back and re-reading his stories with a fresh set of eyes knowing what I know now.

Thank you for baring a bit of your soul with us with this story! Your fans will love it and I hope it brings even more to the fold!

I am mentally sending you a fist bump and saying “Well done sir, well done!”

If you want to stalk (in a healthy way, please!) Scott, you can find him below!

Amazon Link:
Twitter: | @ScottDHildreth

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