Review – Cash by Scott Hildreth (AKA – My love of Scott Hildreth’s books!)

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Devil’s Disciples Book 2

I finally got to my TBR list this weekend, and Cash was crying out to me! I loved Baker so much and I knew Scott wouldn’t disappoint!

There are so many things I love about Scott’s books (In a healthy, constructive way, I promise!)

First off, being a “vintage” gal myself (let’s just say over 39), to see a older woman, younger man scenario was absolutely heartwarming.  It’s nice to read that just because a woman is of a certain age, she can still be sexy and worthy of love and respect! So thank you for that Scott!

Second, I loved the chemistry of Cash and Kimberly! I loved their honesty, their vulnerability and not gonna lie, their sex life.  It was off the charts, white hot.  Scott has an amazing talent of writing the smexy with grit, heart and such realism.  To have a man write this amazes me with how spot on he is and he gives no apologies for it! So thank you Scott, for that!

Third, the humor! It’s so funny and so dry, I absolutely laugh out loud when I read Scott’s books.  The scene with Chex Mix absolutely slayed me, so damn funny!

I could go on and on… The secondary characters are the bomb, I loved Jennifer, she could so be my best friend.  Cash’s mom, Erin was what every mom should be!

The heart and alpha swagger of Cash was spectacular! I love him, truly, deep in my lady nuggets, love him!

Scott is one of the few male romance authors I read, he is exceptional! You have a fan for life with this old gal Scott! Please don’t ever stop writing!

Readers – Get Cash now! You will thank me later.  Do yourself a favor and read all of Scott’s books, you will give me an even bigger thank you!

Get your copy here!!

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Cash Teaser 2


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