Release Day & Review – Label Me Proud by Stephie Walls

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Title: Label Me Proud
Author: Stephie Walls
Genre: Coming of Age/Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 15, 2018
We’ve been
best friends since we were five: Beau, Masyn, and me.
nothing’s as simple as it seems.
change and so do people.
With Beau
getting married, and a new girl in town, it’s time to confess.
I’m in love
with my best friend.
                …And I think I’m too late.
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Stephie Walls is a lover of words—the more poetic the
better. She lives on the outskirts of Greenville, South Carolina in her own
veritable zoo with two dogs, three cats, the Mister, and Magoo (in no
preferential order).

She would live on coffee, books, and Charlie Hunnam if it
were possible, but since it’s not, add in some Chinese food or sushi and she’s
one happy girl.

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My Review…

Your roots are deep….

I love discovering new authors! And I have yet again with this lovely book by Stephie Walls!

Label Me Proud is the story of Masyn, Beau and Lee, childhood friends and so much more.

At first I didn’t understand how the title of the book played into the story, but once I got into the story, I so got it!  The misunderstanding and the pridefulness of each of the characters is a blessing and a curse.

Beau is lucky to have the friends he has in Masyn and Lee, to get out of the predicament he was in!

Masyn is the ultimate tomboy! And her two best friends Beau and Lee make the ultimate three musketeers.

Lee is such a man and also a gentleman!

Throughout the story I wanted to beat Masyn and Lee about the head and shoulders or shake them hard and say “What the hell!?!”  It made me want to keep reading to find out what happens!

I also like the fact that it was written from Lee’s POV, it’s fun to see the male perspective in a romance!

This was quite the enjoyable story and I can’t wait to read more from Stephie!  Well done!

Author: BibliophileChloe

Lover of books, my family and friends!

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