Congratulations on Release Day! See My Review – Scoring the Player by Samantha Lind

See My Review Below!!

Title: Scoring the Player
Series: Indianapolis Eagles #2
Author: Samantha Lind

Genre: Contemporary Sports Romance

Release Date: February 8, 2018

Cocky, man whore, player…. Those are all ways I have been
described by the media and countless women. Are they accurate? Possibly. But,
that’s all I let the media see of me, Brian Kelly, defensive player for the
Indianapolis Eagles Hockey team. I have no intentions of settling down and
changing the media’s perception of me. I can’t tell if women are after me for
my bank account, the status symbol of being with a professional athlete, or if
they really want me for me. Then I meet her. The one woman who doesn’t let my
charm affect her or cause her to jump directly into my bed. Can I possibly
change my ways and settle down?
Grounded, selfless, giving…Those are all the ways my family
and friends have described me. Are they right? Possibly. But, I’m so much more,
and need some passion and excitement in my life. My best friend is moving on
and I want that someone special to share all that life has to offer. Let it be
known that I, Kinley Williams, want the right someone special. So why did he
have to crash into me? The one man who is so clearly wrong for me. Then again,
he doesn’t seem like anything the tabloids claim him to be. So is he really all
that wrong?




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Author Bio
Samantha Lind is a contemporary romance author. Having spent the first 27 years of her life in Alaska, she now calls Iowa home where she lives with her husband and two sons. She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, reading, watching hockey, and listening to country music. 
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My Review…

I have been lucky enough to have read everything that Samantha has written!  This is the the third book from her and the second in her Indianapolis Eagles Series.  Let me tell you, Samantha just gets better and better each book she writes!

This story of Kinley and Brian is fantastic! I loved how it played out over time, with Kinley being just a bit cautious of Brian’s intentions.

Kinley is independent and strong and knows what she wants, she doesn’t cave in or waffle to the pressure and gives when she is good and ready!

Brian is the perfect alpha hero, he knows he’s ready to settle down and he knows to handle Kinley differently than any woman he has been with before.

Their story is a slow burn with some twists that would make a lot of couples run in opposite directions, but it only makes what Kinley and Brian have stronger and more meaningful! Their struggles really moved me and made me want to cheer for their reunion all the more!

Get your hands on this book! If you can, read the first book in this series, you see past characters and get to catch up with what is going on with them too, which I really enjoyed!  I cannot wait for the next book in this series comes out! Thank you for your words Samantha, and thank you for creating this wonderful world of characters!

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