Happy Release Day and Review! The Schemer by Avery Flynn

Winning is Everything…..

This is the second book I have read by Avery and the latest installment in her series with The Negotiator and The Charmer (which I was lucky to read!)

This book was fantastic! It was everything a romantic comedy should be!

Everly, oh Everly! If I ever decide to grow up, I want to be just like her! She is independent, she is fierce (Could give Sasha a run for her money!) she takes no prisoners and yet she wears her heart on her sleeve. Because of some bad history has some vulnerability which is totally understandable! She is so strong when she has to be, but needs a soft place to fall.

Tyler is the schemer, he tries so hard to rise above his upbringing that he fails to see what is right in front of him. He has been burned bad in his past and unfortunately it dictates his future dealings. He need someone like Everly to keep him guessing and see that your past doesn’t have to control your future.

The chemistry between Everly and Tyler is amazing and so, so hot! Even when Tyler puts his foot in his mouth (which he does repeatedly) Everly calls him on his crap every time and that what is needed!

I am so glad I was able to read another fantastic story by Avery! Thank you for your words and cannot wait to read more from you!

You can see more from her here!

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