Review – The Spring Girls by Anna Todd

The modern day retelling of Little Women…..

Whew, this book….this book gave me such a book hangover and it took me a while to really come up with a review worthy of it, but I will try.

When I was younger, I floved (you know what floved means right?!? F…ing love) Louisa May Alcott’s book Little Women. I had a ragged, ripped dog-eared paperback that I would have handy all the time. My only problem with it, and it was a minor problem, was the time it was written. The Civil War era, I mean I get it, that was the era that Ms. Alcott lived in and what she knew.

So color me surprised and excited when I was given the opportunity to read the modern retelling of this childhood gem!

Anna Todd retells this story amazingly! As an Army veteran, and married to a combat Army veteran with children. This story grabbed me and wouldn’t let go.  The trials and tribulations of the Spring family hit home with me. I have experienced, first hand, the heartache when my husband was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, and the real fear of every time the doorbell rang while he was gone. I have experienced, first hand, the drama of FRG’s, the power trips of some Army wives and I have experienced, first hand, the emotional turmoil my children went through when he was deployed and when he returned home.  While reading this book, I was having flashbacks to my own past and how I handled the day to day as an Army wife and mother.

I want to personally thank you Anna Todd, for bringing the world of military family life to the forefront.  I now know I will have a paperback copy, which with every re-read will come a little ragged, a little dog-eared and little ripped and it will be floved as much, if not more than the original!

Author: BibliophileChloe

Lover of books, my family and friends!

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