Review of Bad Dad – Sloane Howell

For my son. Never be afraid to feel sad. Always be a warrior for your family. Dream big and do what makes you happy…..

This dedication sets the precedent for this whole book!

I have to applaud men who write romance, they bring a fresh new spin to the genre! I especially tip my blogger/reader hat to Sloane Howell.  The first book I read from him was Cleat Chaser, to be honest, I wasn’t sure if Sloane was a guy or a gal, and I mean that as a compliment! He was the first male romance author I had ever read and I have been following him ever since! Because of Sloane, I am more open to reading romance written by menfolk.

Bad Dad is the story of Landon, his son Logan Lane and Cora (Courage) Chapman.  Cora is Logan’s teacher and the first meeting of Landon and Cora was fantastic!  The backstory of Landon was phenomenal and when we find out the story of how Logan came to be made me cry! I loved the warrior edge to Landon but you also see his vulnerability and naivete which make me want to hug him or climb him like a spider monkey! I absolutely melted at how he showed his love to Cora. And oh my Cora, wanting to be so brave and showing her heart for both Landon and Logan.  I am amazed at how Sloane can easily navigate between alternating POV’s for both Landon and Cora making it both real and engaging.  The secondary characters are fabulous and I am crossing my fingers that Joe will get his own book!  Please, please, pretty please!

Read this book, you will fall in love with these characters just like I did!

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