Currently Reading – Review!!

Good evening fellow readers!  I am currently recovering from my trip to Vegas with my dear husband and friends.  Not only did I bring home souvenirs, I brought home a head cold as well….YUCK!  So what’s a gal to do when down with a bug? Read some fantastic stories in this wonderful anthology! Team Player

I am on Meghan Quinn’s review team so I was given a copy of this book and I jumped to her story Back in the Game.  GAHHH! Calder and Rachel! This story is classic Meghan, with sweetness, naughtiness and the dialogue is laugh out loud funny! My only wish is that it was longer! I fell in love with Meghan’s work when I read The Mother Road.  Meghan has the amazing ability to pull you into her stories and make you cheer on the characters.  She truly writes the perfect romantic comedy!  I hope to see more of her secondary characters in books of their own! Meghan’s writing is also so smart, she really doesn’t “talk down” to the reader which  I greatly appreciate! Bravo on another well written short story! Looking forward to future books from her!

On a side note, now that I have finished Meghan’s story, you best believe I am going to read the rest of them! I am always looking for new authors to stalk and reading new stories from authors I know and love!

You can see all things Meghan on her website! Visit Meghan’s Amazon Page


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