The Bachelor Contract – Rachel Van Dyken

This book is the third in The Bachelors of Arizona series….and just wow! Rachel never fails to let a reader down with her work!

I found and read my first book by Rachel, The Matchmakers Playbook, from a recommendation on one of the many, many readers groups I am in and I fell in love. Que the stalking after reading, all the usual haunts like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  Also, fun fact, The Matchmakers Playbook is currently in movie production mode over at Passionflix, so many good movies on there! But I digress…on to the current book I read.

This second chance love story between Brant, who we briefly met in the previous books of the series, and Nikki was so moving, the past hurts and heartbreak you read and feel for these two was epic. The dialogue between the secondary characters was hysterical and laugh out loud funny! Especially the whole “Zen Program”. I am hoping for a spin-off for some of the characters we met in this book. Such a well written story, thank you for your words!

I love romantic comedies, in books, movies and life.  Rachel is becoming the perfect trifecta of my world!

To see more from this outstanding and really cool author, check out her webpage – Rachel Van Dyken Webpage


Author: BibliophileChloe

Lover of books, my family and friends!

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