Scarred – Willow Winters

Willow Winters

I was graciously given an ARC for an honest review and honest I shall be!

This book grabs you by the throat and makes you really, really slow down and read the pages.  I loved how you get thrown right into the action from the first chapter, no slow build up, no hearts and flowers (although there is that too!) and no backstory, which was terrific! Sometimes when I am reading, I get dragged down by backstory and I end up skimming pages to get to the good stuff:  the action, the romance! You will not do that with this book!  I went back and re-read pages to make sure I didn’t miss anything, and to me, that makes a book phenomenal! The angst between Kat and Evan is beautiful, sad and makes you want to reach into the pages, hug them and cheer them on! I reveled in the fierce nature of Kat and the determination of Evan, they really spoke to me! This is a book to read and savor! To find more from Willow Winters, here is her webpage – Willow’s Homepage. This book releases December 5, pre-order is avaliable here: Pre-Order Link


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