Bibliophile Journal…


So I am gearing up for my next Author Event, Renaissance City Author Event.  I am really looking forward to this.  I get to meet a couple of authors that mean the world to me!  I hope that I am better at actually getting a photo with them! My last event I went to (my first author event ever) I was so nervous, I could barely speak and forget about asking a photo with them! I hope on my travels to the author events I will meet them again and get that picture with them!! I hope to post pictures on my blog after I get back! Wish me luck!!

So you can read all about my shenanigans and see the photo proof on my post here!!



LoveNVegas!!! You can read all about it here!!  And I am already signed up for next year!



When you get asked to be a brand rep for an apparel company that is book related, empowering to women, ethically sourced and just fun! Well I said “When can I start?” Come check out the store X’s & O’s! I am proud to be a brand rep and can’t wait to see with the future holds for them!



New year, new events!! I am so excited and fortunate to have the ability to attend!  Looking forward to meeting new authors, seeing authors I have met before and most importantly seeing book friends I have made!  I hope to update my blog with stories of my adventures this year!

Here are the events I am going to:

North Iowa Book Bash –  This one I get to drive to, who doesn’t love road trips! I was asked by some attending authors if I was going to attend! (What a phenomenal feeling!!)

Books In The Ballroom – I get to meet some authors on my bucket list on this one!

Book Bonanza – This is a huge one! I am actually thinking of bringing my hubs and mini me with me to this one!

LoveNVegas19 – Oh I went last year! Had an amazing time and I automatically signed up for this year!

Indies Invade Philly – Another event where I get to meet some authors on my bucket list!

So looking forward to 2019!!