Bibliophile Chloe

Book Blogger, Mom, Wife….Jack of all trades, master of none!

I am a lot of things….Daughter, Wife, Mother, Army Veteran and self proclaimed Bibliophile.  Married over 20 years and two beautiful children.

You can tell my reviews are normally short, sweet and to the point!  If I like a book and I want to share it with you, there is no need to write a 10 paragraph essay lauding the finer points! You will be able to get my opinions and feelings in just a few short passages.  I figure people want to read the book themselves, not a book report about them!

When I am not reading and reviewing books, I am my husband’s caregiver. He is a retired (22 years active duty) Army combat veteran.  I worked in education for 10 years before that.

I also enjoy riding my motorcycle, hanging with my family and friends and working with amazing authors!  Thank you for checking out my blog!



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